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English Language and Communication

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 di Cinzia Spinzi

Has been conceived as a pedagogic tool for the acquisition of basic communication theories with reference to those systems of communication based on language as a medium. Semiotic analytical concepts support the study of communication as well as some more ‘restricted’ uses of English. The language phenomena investigated include collocational patterns, idioms, metaphors and syntax. Some consideration is given to the methodology of Corpus Linguistics so as to make students aware of the existence of a powerful tool for processing language. Looking more closely at the facts of linguistic behaviour, we discover regular switches within the same language: differences of style emerge as individuals talk to their families or colleagues or when they talk about the country’s economy or the news. The central descriptive notion here is the communicative event or context of situation, which leads to the phenomenon known as restricted language. This covers the different uses of language (English in the case of this book) where grammar or syntactic rules seem to differ from everyday language. Some activities at the end of each chapter complete the pedagogic perspective of this work.

Cinzia Spinzi - is a part-time lecturer of English at the faculty of Communication Studies at Bari University and at the faculty of Economics at Foggia University. Her areas of research include Corpus-based Translation Studies and English for Special Purposes. She is attending a Master in Translation Studies at Birmingham University and has published articles on English pronunciation and ESP.



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