“These cameras are not for traffic enforcement,” Zine spokeswoman Jessica Tarman Nassour said. Movement are expected to be removed sometime next week when the chain link fences around the City Hall parks are taken down. The city spent an estimated $400,000 to repair and reseed the two parks on the North and South Lawns after several hundred protesters were removed in December from their two month encampment.

“We had no clue what to expect,” said O’Connor, a teacher who lives in Countryside. “[We] thought at least our moms would read.”It turns out a lot of moms and others found their way to the blog, which is about to hit 1 million page views. The DIY Playbook has become a part time job for the two women in their mid 20s, who post daily photos and short stories about do it yourself decorating projects they think of and tackle together, usually on weekends.From furniture to crafts to organizing to weddings to holiday decorations such as a wreath made of red and green painted wine corks the blog features dozens of projects.

Cut squash in half. Scoop out seeds with a spoon. Place each half cut side down and slice into one inch pieces. He focused heavily on Aleppo, as well, saying Syria, Russia and Iran have blood on their hands and the world is “united in horror” at the assault on rebel held areas of the Syrian city. He accused the Syrian government and its two powerful allies of deliberately “surrounding, besieging and starving innocent civilians,” Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping and targeting aid workers and medical personnel. He says entire neighborhoods have been reduced to “rubble and dust.”.

A. Right now, the big battle is being waged between Amazon and Wal Mart. Both companies ship packages to almost anywhere in the world. From that Roaring Twenties calling card, Tauck today emphasizes its ability to get travelers into spots otherwise inaccessible without its connections, as well as ensconce them with local folks who can add a dose of authenticity to the snapshot in time that a tour represents. Citizens, Tauck was in its element, with the government only sanctioning trips that involved face to face meetings with local professionals like teachers, physicians and others. The available slots were snapped up in short order despite rules preventing Tauck from overtly advertising the trips..

Other popular picnic snacks include popcorn and popcorn snack mix with pretzels, nuts and crackers. Potato chips may be an expensive snack if they not on sale, but a bag of tortilla chips can fit into a frugal budget. Enjoy small crackers and cheese slices plain, or pair them with the fresh fruit snacks for a flavorful treat.

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